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Glulam Beams

Glulam Beams are ideal to use where strength and aesthetics give a structural or architectural advantage. Used in domestic and commercial applications for roof and floor structures, posts, curved beams and staircase components.

Having a strength to weight advantage over steel.
STABLE Superior stability compared to any solid timber. Being strips of solid timber kiln dried to 10-12% moisture content. They will not cup, bow, twist or spring !
FIRE RESISTANCE In larger cross sections the charred outer layer will protect the core from fire by restricting the oxygen supply. By maintaining structural integrity, glulam beams allow fireman to enter burning structures. Steel beams only retain about 10% of its strength at 750oC.
ANTI-CORROSIVE High resistance to corrosive effects reduces the cost and complexity of building maintenance.
EASY TO USE Can be sawn, drilled and nailed using standard carpenters tools.
DIVERSE IN SIZE & LENGTH Cross section size up to 900mm deep and 18.0m long.
VERSATILE IN STRENGTH Abundant choice of GL13, GL17, GL18, Preservative Treated Glulam.
MULTI SHAPES While they come in standard 600 M camber; straight, curved and double curved structural members can be produced.
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