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Accoya Joinery



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Wood without compromise Accoya® is produced using Accsys’ proprietary acetylation process which effectively converts sustainably grown softwoods and non-durable hardwoods into what is best described as ‘high technology wood’. Accoya® is guaranteed for 50 years in exterior use and 25 years when used in the ground.

Accoya® is ideal for windows, doors, cladding, decking and fascia / soffitt applications.

Coating with Teknos paints not only gives a beautiful finish but also prolongs the service life of the timber and the coatings.

Improved service life means reduced maintenance costs.

The Teknos range of factory applied joinery coatings protect wood and prolong its life. It is designed to coat and decorate a wide variety of exterior and interior joinery, cladding and facades. It is suitable for factory application by dipping or flow coat, automatic and manual spraying and for brush applied maintenance. You can choose almost any opaque or translucent colour.

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