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Cedar Wood Products

We can machine a variety of cedar profiles for interior and exterior projects.

Color/Appearance: Heartwood reddish to pinkish brown, often with random streaks and bands of darker red/brown areas. Narrow sapwood is pale yellowish white, and isn’t always sharply demarcated from the heartwood.

Easy to work with both hand or machine tools, though it dents and scratches very easily due to its softness, and can sand unevenly due to the difference in density between the early wood and late wood zones. Glues and finishes well. Iron-based fasteners can stain and discolor the wood, especially in the presence of moisture.

Common Uses: Shingles, exterior siding and lumber, boat building, boxes, crates, and musical instruments.

Comments: Western Red cedar is a commercially important lumber, used in a number of applications ranging from rough-sawn lumber for use in home construction to clear quarters awn material for classical guitar soundboards.

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