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Wood Flooring

At Glenfarne Wood Products, we manufacture a wide range of Hardwood and Softwood Flooring.

Our hardwood flooring is mainly white oak, but we can produce from any type of hardwood flooring such as;

  • Walnut Flooring
  • Cherry Flooring
  • Pitch Pine flooring
  • Oak Flooring
  • and many more.

Our softwood flooring is red deal for interior finish.

Redwood flooring is ideal for living areas and bedrooms because it is a naturally bright product and soft to the touch.

Before purchasing your wood flooring, ensure the moisture content is below 14 %.

At Glenfarne Wood Products, our flooring is machined to 12%.

It is safe to install wood flooring over under-floor heating at this moisture content.

This is ideal for a perfect floor, as any lower may lead to cracks.

Before laying, the flooring must be left to acclimatise in the room or else shrinkage problems will occur.

After laying, apply 2 coats of clear varnish and one layer of floor hardener.

Follow instructions from manufacturer of varnish.

The trick in having the perfect floor is to put in the work at the laying stage.

Our wood flooring is fixed by secret nailing. This means you have no unsightly nails visible and the smooth grain of the wood surface is not broken.

If you require wood flooring, just visit our website, and give us a call.



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